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Kid-O Freeplay Magnatab

The most brilliant 21st Century take on the pencil and paper, Kid-O's free play magnatab is an addictive gem of a toy which allows children to be freely creative on the move.

The magnetic stylus pops the beads up and into the bead board, where they stay until you simply erase what you have drawn with the tip of the finger.  Use your imagination to draw shapes, letters and pictures as you pull individual beads to the surface, and then with a swipe of a finger you can start all over again.

This is a wonderful learning through play tool, and we can give personal testament to how much children love it. In our store, it's constantly off the shelf and in someone's hands, and we are repeatedly amazed by the creative designs left for us to discover.  This is a fab travel toy, too....

Kid-O Freeplay Magnatab measures 1 × 8cm.