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Early Rider Classic

Welcome, The Amazing Early Rider Series...We were one of the first companies in the UK to champion the brilliance of the pedal free bike, which works with your child's natural instinct for balance to teach them the early rudiments of bike riding.

Sitting astride the bike, toddlers learn first to walk with the bike, then as they pick up speed and the length of their stride extends, there comes a point when neither foot is on the ground and your child effortlessly finds their balance.

From here it is simply a matter of time before they are sweeping down hills and careering up slopes...and you can wave goodbye to the push chair and say hello to years of joyful bike riding.

Children transfer from the Early Rider to a pedal bike, without the need for stabilisers, with the minimum of fuss - on his 5th birthday, our son was pedalling away into the distance after 5 minutes on his new bike (and yes, we were a little teery with pride!)

The Early Rider is designed with all the safety features we expect from a pedal free bike, and which many of the cheaper copies on the market lack. Dampened steering means that should your child hit a rock or pot-hole at high speed they won't be jack-knifed to the ground. The height adjustable seat maintains the proper proportions to the bike as your child grows, and the faux-leather saddle ensures enduring comfort and style.

We GUARANTEE that The Early Rider will far exceed your expectations, and offer you a FULL REFUND and FREE RETURNS if you are not entirely delighted, as we were, with this amazing bike.

SPEC: Made from FSC Birchwood, adjustable steering, robust pneumatic tyres, notched fork ends, aluminium rims, safety cap valves, embossed flame logo, embroidered seat pad.Adjustable Seat Height: 32cm - 39.5cm (Seat extension available)Handlebar height: 53cm - 57cm Weight: 4.8kgs


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